Darrin Kirby
Darrin Kirby - Al Boenker Management Team
Darrin Kirby
Chief Information Officer





4704 Peden Rd.

Fort Worth, Texas 76179

(H) 817-232-3622 

(W) 817-306-2445




March 1996 -

Burlington Northern Sante Fe


Contract Network Analyst - Centrally Manage Wide Area Network with 350 plus Bay Network Routers spanning across the United States. Use NetView/6000 to monitor Hubs, Routers, and Communication Lines. Interface with Telecom to resolve lease line problems. Utilize Network General Distributed Sniffer Servers to diagnose network problems. Implement Optivity tools to baseline and analyze network performance. Configure, upgrade, and maintain Bay Network's entire line of Hubs and Routers.


January 1994 -

TRIDARR Computer Networking


Owner - Officially formed a network consulting business after working full time as a successful consultant for ISYS. Focus on smaller Local Area Network installations for a few select clients. Purchase and resell hardware and software. Make recommendations and implement solutions based on customer's needs and financial abilities. Provide training for end users and acting LAN administrators.


June 1995 -

TeleService Resources

March 1996

Senior Network Engineer - Managed Wide Area Network serving six TeleService Resources facilities across the nation with connectivity to several external customer sites. Troubleshot LAN and WAN with LANalyzer and Sniffer protocol analyzer. Used Cisco Routers as primary platform for WAN infrastructure. Designed, configured, and oversaw installation of new networks. Provided cost estimates in response to RFPs from potential and existing customers. Interfaced with vendors and acquired pricing for the purchase of software, hardware, and services. Provided technical support and consulting to external customers. Acted as Consultant to other groups, departments, and subsidiaries.


September 1993 -

The SABRE Group

June 1995

Senior Network Analyst - Maintained Local Area Network serving over 1000 DOS and Windows clients at TeleService Resources facility in Dallas. Acted as Consultant to other groups, departments, and subsidiaries. Provided support for first line technicians. Provided support to end users when needed. Maintained and monitored Novell's NetWare operating system using Token Ring, 100VG, and Ethernet for connectivity to various mainframes, bridges, gateways, and routers. Installed new software and upgraded existing software for both network and PC applications. Evaluated and made recommendations on new software. Installed and maintained hardware as needed. Assisted in the design and configuration of new networks.


August 1992 -


September 1993

Micro Computer / Network Consultant - Provided every aspect of network and PC support for a wide variety of clients having a broad diversity in networking environments. Installed and supported most off the shelf applications on the market. Supplied cabling solutions using industry standard and some proprietary types of topologies. Designed and Implemented turnkey network solutions as well as maintained existing networks. Resolved integration needs between networks and mainframes through the use of gateways, routers and emulation software packages. Serviced hardware as per maintenance contract agreements. Devised printing, backup, e-mail and dial-up services for systems ranging from 5 to 200 nodes in both LAN and WAN environments. Responsible for seeking cost effective avenues to move clients to the forefront of technology.


May 1991 -

AMR Information Services

August 1992

Network Technician - First line technician to take hotline calls and provide help desk type support for more than 300 users at TeleService Resources facility in Dallas. Assisted in user support at remote sites in Oklahoma City, San Antonio, and Austin. Installed new software and upgraded existing software for both network and PC applications in a Novell NetWare environment. Evaluated and made recommendations on new software. Installed and maintained hardware as needed.


June 1990 -

American Airlines Sabre Computer Services

May 1991

Computer Console Technician - Supported AADMC facilities in VAX Operations. Performed operational duties of tape loads and electronic transmissions. Implemented routines for mission critical applications.


May 1989 -

American Airlines Sabre Computer Services

June 1991

Computer Equipment Operator - Supported American Airlines administrative offices in SCS Computer Operations. Managed print queues and run priorities. Member of team to install department’s first LAN.




Novell NetWare 4.0 CNE Intensive Training, Novell NetWare v3.11 System Manager, Microsoft Windows Technical Workshop, Windows on NetWare, Novell NetWare Management, Cisco Router Installation, BrainShare 1995, NCC Basic LANAlyzer, NCC Advanced Token-Ring LANAlyzer, IBM AIX/6000 for Users, Bay Networks Optivity 6.x for UNIX , Bay Networks Router Configuration & Management, Advanced Paradox, ISPF/PDF, RMDS, HP Desk


Novell Certified NetWare Engineer, June 1993




Network Operating Systems:

Novell NetWare 2.x, 3.x, 4.x, MS Windows NT, MS Windows 95, MS Windows for Workgroups, DEC Pathworks, IBM OS/2 LAN Server, Artisoft LANtastic, NetWare for Macintosh, NetWare for VMS/Leverage



Operating Systems:

MS-DOS/Windows 3.x, DR-DOS, MS Windows NT, MS Windows 95, IBM OS/2, VAX VMS, HP MPE, IBM AIX, Various UNIX







Network Management:

NetView/6000, Network General Sniffer, NCC LANAlyzer, Bay Networks Optivity, SNMP




DCL, Basic, PAL, HTML, UNIX Shell



PC Applications:


MS Excel, MS Works, Lotus, Quattro Pro

Word Processors

MS Word, MS Works, WordPerfect, Aldus/Adobe Page Maker, Professional Write, Word for Word, Display Write, AMI Pro


MS Powerpoint, Harvard Graphics, Calendar Creator Plus, Flow Charting, Org Plus, Visio, Micrografx Designer, Adobe, CorelDRAW, Painter, FrameMaker, Freelance


Paradox, MS Works, dBase, MS Access, Foxpro, Alpha Four, Approach


MS Mail, WordPerfect Office, Notework, DaVinci, Network Scheduler, HP Desk, Futuris, First Mail, Eudora, cc:Mail


Procomm Plus, Crosstalk, Reachout, pcAnywhere, Relay Gold, TinyTerm, Carbon Copy, Close-Up, NetWare Onlan, Complete Communicator, Winfax, Faxit, FaxWorks

Contact Mgmnt

ACT, Goldmine, Time & Chaos, Select Phone, PhoneDisc


Netscape Navigator, Spry Mosaic, NCSA Mosaic, Live Markup, Uucode, Lview, Image View, ftp, tftp, telnet, SNMP, nslookup


Novell LAN Workgroup/Workplace, FTP OnNet, NetManage Chameleon, Hummingbird Exceed X-Windows, Supertcp, Trumpet

Online Services

CompuServe, America Online, Prodigy


Quicken, Quickbooks, MYOB, Peachtree, CA Accounting, MAS90, Nations MYM


Palindrome Network Archivist, Arcada Backup Exec, Sytos Plus, Maynard, LAN Shark

Misc Business

MS Project, Its Legal, Medical System Solutions, NS Rater


NETWORK - Frye LAN Directory, LAN Auditor, Appmeter, SofTrack

MENU - Direct Access, Saber Menu, Novell Menu

ANTIVIRUS - Norton Antivirus, Central Point Antivirus, McAfee Antivirus

DIAGNOSTIC - Norton Utilities, QAPlus, MSD, Checkit

FILE MGMNT - Fastlynx, LapLink, PK Zip, Xtree Gold

MISC - Power Chute, QEMM, Memmaker, After Dark, Stacker, Task Swapper, Adobe Type Manager, Wildcat BBS






PC's / Laptops / Servers:

IBM, Compaq, DELL, ALR, AT&T, AST, DEC, Hewlett Packard, Gateway, Toshiba, Toshiba Docking Stations, Micron, Packard Bell, Epson, NEC, Acer, Laser, Tandy, Telex, Wyse, KLH, Everex, DTK, CompuAdd, Compudyne, GRiD, Macintosh, Various Clones


MAU’s / Hubs / Concentrators / Repeaters:

Synoptics, Cabletron, 3Com, Thomas Conrad, D-Link, Madge, Proteon, Andrew, StarTek, NetWorth, Allied Telesis, Bay Networks, HP



Com, IBM, Thomas Conrad, SMC, Xircom, D-Link, DEC, Proteon, OliCom, Intel, Asante, Eagle, Dayna, Pure Data, Accton, HP



Cisco, Wellfleet, Eicon, Novell, Shiva, Micom, Ascend



Novell SAA, Eicon SNA, DEC SNA, Rabbit, Lanyon, Attachmate, IBM Communication Manager, Apertus



Token Ring, Ethernet, Arcnet, TCNS, FDDI, 100VG, Frame Relay, T1, X.25, ISDN


Communications Equipment:

Terminal Servers

Datability, Emulex, DCA Equipment

CSU/DSU - Modems

AT&T Paradyne, UDS Motorola, TxPort, Racal-Milgo, Hayes, US Robotics, Microcom, Intel, Megahertz, Boca, Multi-Tech, Cardinal, Qblazer, Zoom, Best Data, Complete PC, Various other Modems

Com Servers

NetWare Access Server, NetWare Async Communication Server, Telebit ACS, Castelle, Shiva LanRover, Digi, ComShare


Printers / Plotters:


Hewlett Packard LaserJet Series, Hewlett Packard Rugged Writer, Brother, Epson, Okidata, Panasonic, IBM, OTC, Apple Laser Writer, Lexmark, Various others


Mannesman Tally, CalComp, HP 2680 Laser, IBM 3827 Laser Cut Sheet, IBM 6262 Impact, Microdata Impact, Sabre

Print Servers

HP Jet Direct, Castelle, Emulex, Novell Pserver, Brightworks PS Print, LanSpool, NetWare Hostprint


Tape Drives:

Conner DAT, Maynstream 1300 DAT, Palindrome DAT, Sytos, Emerald Systems, Colorado Memory Systems, Mountain, Maynstream 150Q, HP 9144, Cipher, Digital TA78, Micro Technology 3480, TTi CTS-800 8mm, SyQuest removable drive, Various other Tape, Floppy, CD ROM, and, Optical drives



IBM RS/6000, IBM AS400, HP 3000 Systems, VAX-11/785, 8650, 6510, Digital HSC50, HSC70, McDonnel Douglas Microdata 9250, Sequent/UNIX 581, Digital Voicelink Systems Power Dialers



DEC, Perkin Elmer, Wyse, Tektronics





Microtest DiskPort CD Server, Plextor, Chinon, Mitsumi, Hitachi, NEC, Sony, Toshiba, Pinnacle, Teac

Sound Blasters

Creative Labs, Complete Communicator, Reveal


Hewlett Packard, Microtek, Umax, Mustek