Darrin Kirby
Darrin Kirby - Al Boenker Insurance of Texas
Darrin Kirby
Chief Information Officer

Here is a partial list of Darrin's clients:
AMR Data Management Services
American Express
Ryder Truck
System House
GTE Card Services
Lake Sound
TRIDARR Computer Networking
Burlington Norther SantaFe
Perryman Medical Supply
AVNET Computer
Al Boenker Insurance
Chaney Trucking
KLTY 94.1 FM Radio
Advance Auto Glass
Miller Insurance
American Mercury
Graphics Place in Irving
Father's House Church
Rent City
Southwest Bank, LA
Terrel & Terrel Accounting
Appolo Electronics
Coke Cola
TriMedia Publications
North TX State Soccer Assocciation
HD Vest
Michael James Law Office
United Insurance
Matrix Telemarketting
SanAntonio Telco Company
Ramsey Desmuke & Egleston
Dr. Newland
Accord Software
Reliance Marketing
Lake Country Christian School
Banna Box Company
Black Hawk Door Company
Paramount Custom Homes
Great North American Companies
Wit Consulting
Score Baseball Cards
McCaw Cellular

"A computer system is a living thing.  It is constantly changing, growing, and aging.  this why the text-book tech has difficulties.  Printers are added, files change, disk space shrinks, computers are added and programs get bigger.  A problem occurs and the text-book tech fixes it.  A month later the same problem occurs but the text-book tech can't fix it.  Why?  things have changed.  The fix last month doesn't work this month.  Mr. Text-Book Tech went through steps 1, 2, 3, but 4 wasn't in the book.  Our guys do something for the first time every day.  Our guys are experienced at solving new problems and trained to understand - not only follow steps."
  - Darrin Kirby (Chief Information Officer)
   Al Boenker Computer Services